Congratulations to the Lionesses!

At Cupello we are thrilled by England’s success as they are…


Women's Euros: And so to the final...

Keith Boanas, the former Estonia Women's manager, highlights…

22/07/2022 Soccer Workouts

20 Soccer Workouts

Soccer workouts are vital for soccer players who want to be the…

13/07/2022 Soccer Sessions

10 Best Soccer Sessions

What you need as a coach is to use full sessions that take care of…

05/07/2022 Cupello

New Team Management Functionality

New Team Management functionality means you can now send your…

08/06/2022 Cupello

Progress Your Soccer Skills This Summer at Family Days Out

Cupello has teamed up with Family Days Out to give your kids the…

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Missing Presumed Lost charity event

Cupello's partner the charity Missing People has organised an…


Two European Giants Battle for European Dominance

Liverpool and Real Madrid face off in the Champions League final…

19/05/2022 Attacking Soccer Drills

10 Attacking Soccer Drills

Soccer is essentially a simple game – to win or lose…


Find Every Child Week 23th-29th May

Cupello's link up with charity Missing People and Steyning…

17/05/2022 Soccer

Van Bronckhorst’s Rangers Go for European Glory

Van Bronckhorst’s Rangers side will battle Eintracht…

09/05/2022 Coaching

End of Season Motivation

How to maintain high quality play as the season draws to an end