11/04/2022 Cupello

2022 Webby Award Honouree Announcement

Cupello announced today that it has been honoured for Best…

06/04/2022 Soccer Shooting Drills

Soccer Shooting Drills

It is one of the most thrilling and one of the most deflating…

30/03/2022 Missing People

Cupello and Missing People

Cupello has linked up with the charity Missing People after…

23/03/2022 Soccer Drills

Defending Soccer Drills

Your defending sessions over the course of a season should cover…


LMA Women's Championship manager of the month: February

Bristol City Manager Lauren Smith has been awarded The FA…

25/02/2022 Soccer Passing Drills

Soccer Passing Drills

Passing soccer drills are all about keeping possession of the ball…

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21/02/2022 Soccer Drills

12 Best Soccer Drills

As coaches we debate all the time about how best to coach the…

19/02/2022 U12 Soccer Drills

10 Best U12 Soccer Drills

What should you be coaching at U12? You need to focus your…

15/02/2022 Education

How to Become a Soccer Coach

Becoming a soccer coach can be the start of a new career or it can…

11/02/2022 Soccer Drills

10 Best U11 Soccer Drills

At this age, you need to know the best soccer drills and how you…

10/02/2022 Soccer Drills

10 Best U6 Soccer Drills

Training sessions should last between 45–60 minutes with one…

09/02/2022 Soccer

Women's Championship Manager of the Month

Liverpool Manager Matt Beard has been awarded The FA…