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21/03/2024 Soccer Tech

Personalised Football Training in the AI Era

Welcome to the second chapter of "Transforming the Game: AI…

22/02/2024 Soccer Tech

Transforming the Game: AI and Soccer Coaching

In recent years, there's been an undeniable synergy brewing…

30/01/2024 Soccer Drills

Bicycle Kick

Mastering the Bicycle Kick isn't just about scoring goals;…

02/01/2024 Soccer Coaching

Positions in Soccer

Discover the various positions in soccer and gain valuable…

30/12/2023 Soccer

Our Ambassador Alex McLeish Awarded an OBE

We are delighted that our Brand Ambassador Alex was awarded an OBE…

19/12/2023 Soccer Coaching

Brazilian Soccer Players Changed the Game

Experience the joy of the game with our exploration of Brazilian…

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12/12/2023 Soccer

Corner Kicks: Tips and Techniques

Explore the thrilling dimension of soccer with our insightful take…

19/11/2023 Soccer

Basic Rules of Soccer: The Fundamentals

Brush up on the basic rules of soccer with our lively, detailed…

13/11/2023 Soccer Mindset

Soccer Mindset

In the fast-paced and dynamic world of soccer, where agility,…


Soccer Coaching Development Guide

Soccer coaching is an art that requires a combination of tactical…


Slide Tackle in Soccer

Slide Tackle in soccer is one of the fundamental defensive…

29/10/2023 Soccer

Soccer Celebrations: The Art and Joy of Victory

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of soccer celebrations, as…