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Soccer Drills for 13 Year Olds

Learn effective soccer drills specifically designed for 13-year-olds. Enhance their skills, teamwork, and game understanding with these expert-approved exercises.

The Importance of Soccer Drills for 13 Year Olds

Drills are an essential component in the development of 13 year old soccer players. These exercises not only help youth players build their attacking skills, but also enhance their tactical understanding of the game. By incorporating drills into training sessions, coaches provide young athletes with valuable opportunities to improve their overall performance on the field developing them for u13 and then to u14, u15 and u16 soccer.

1. Developing Fundamental Skills

To help 13-year-old football players develop their attacking skills, incorporate passing drills that focus on accuracy and speed. Set up small-sided games where players have to make quick decisions and practice their close ball control. By emphasizing these fundamental skills, players will improve their ability to effectively attack the opponent's goal.

Emphasizing accuracy, speed, and close ball control in passing drills for 13-year-old soccer players enhances their attacking skills, enabling them to effectively score goals against opponents.

2. Enhancing Tactical Understanding

To enhance tactical understanding in 13-year-old soccer players, incorporating small-sided games can be highly effective. By dividing the pitch into smaller areas and encouraging attacking play, players are forced to make quick decisions and apply their tactical knowledge in game-like situations. Additionally, integrating specific attacking drills that focus on movement off the ball and creating scoring opportunities can further develop players' understanding of offensive strategies.

3. Building Physical Fitness

To build physical fitness in 13-year-old soccer players, incorporating attacking drills can be highly effective. These drills focus on improving speed, agility, and endurance while also developing their attacking skills. For example, setting up a small-sided game with limited time to score encourages players to constantly move and exert themselves physically. Additionally, implementing high-intensity interval training sessions can enhance their cardiovascular capacity and overall fitness levels. By combining these attacking drills with conditioning exercises, coaches can ensure that their young players are building both technical skills and physical strength simultaneously.

U13 soccer drills

Key Factors to Consider When Designing Soccer Drills for 13 Year Olds

Age-Appropriate Challenges: When designing soccer drills for 13 year olds, it is important to consider their physical and cognitive abilities. Focus on challenges that are suitable for their age group, such as incorporating more complex passing patterns or introducing basic tactical concepts like positioning and teamwork.

Fun Games: To keep young players motivated and excited about training, incorporate fun and engaging activities into your drills. Use small-sided games or creative exercises that simulate game situations while maintaining a high level of enjoyment. This will help foster a love for the sport and enhance overall participation.

Progressive Skill Development: Design drills that allow players to progressively develop their skills over time. Start with simple exercises to build a solid foundation before gradually increasing the difficulty level. This approach will ensure continuous improvement while preventing overwhelming participants with tasks beyond their current capabilities.

1. Age-Appropriate Challenges

Soccer drills for 13-year-olds should focus on enhancing their physical and technical abilities while introducing tactical concepts. Incorporate small-sided games that encourage decision-making, teamwork, and communication. Challenge them with exercises that require quick thinking, agility, and the ability to adapt to different game situations.

2. Fun and Engaging Activities

Engaging Activities for 13-Year-Old Soccer Players

Looking for fun and effective ways to keep your 13-year-old soccer players engaged during training sessions? Try incorporating these exciting activities into your drills:

  • Small-sided games: Encourage teamwork and quick decision-making with small-sided games like 3v3 or 4v4. This allows players to have more touches on the ball while fostering communication and tactical awareness.
  • Obstacle courses: Set up obstacle courses that require dribbling, passing, and shooting skills. This not only improves technical abilities but also adds an element of competition.
  • Skills challenges: Create various skill challenges such as juggling contests or accuracy tests. These activities help improve individual technique while adding a bit of friendly competition among the players.

With these engaging activities, you can ensure that your 13-year-old soccer players have a blast while developing their skills on the field.

Soccer drills for under 13s

3. Progressive Skill Development

To help 13-year-olds develop their soccer skills progressively, incorporate drills that focus on specific techniques and gradually increase the level of difficulty. Start with basic dribbling exercises that emphasize ball control and coordination. Then, introduce passing drills that encourage quick decision-making and accuracy. Finally, incorporate shooting drills to improve power and accuracy in front of the goal.

In addition to technical drills, include small-sided games that promote team play and tactical awareness. Set up small teams for 4v4 or 5v5 matches on smaller fields to encourage more touches on the ball and create opportunities for players to work together strategically.

By using a progressive approach in skill development, you can ensure that each player is challenged at an appropriate level while building a solid foundation for their future growth as soccer players.

Soccer Drills for 13 Year Olds: Dribbling

1. Cone Dribbling

Cone Dribbling: To improve ball control and agility, set up a series of cones in a straight line about 1 yard apart. Have players dribble the ball through the cones using quick touches, focusing on keeping the ball close to their feet. Encourage them to use both feet and maintain control while changing direction. Tip: Challenge players by timing how quickly they can complete the course or adding in turns and feints for added difficulty.

2. Zig-Zag Dribbling

Zig-zag dribbling is a crucial skill for 13-year-old soccer players to master. This drill helps improve their agility, coordination, and ball control. Set up a series of cones in a zig-zag pattern and have the players weave through them while maintaining control of the ball. Encourage quick turns and bursts of speed as they navigate through the course. Emphasize keeping their eyes up to scan for teammates or opponents during the drill. This exercise will enhance their ability to change direction effectively on the field and evade defenders with ease.

3. 1v1 Dribbling Races

  • Set up a line of cones about 10 yards apart.
  • Divide the players into pairs and have them stand on opposite sides of the cones.
  • On your signal, both players start dribbling towards each other, trying to get past their opponent and reach the end cone first.
  • Encourage quick decision-making and use of different dribbling techniques like feints, changes in direction, and speed bursts.

Coaching tip: Emphasize the importance of keeping close control of the ball while also staying aware of their opponent's movements. Remind players to stay low with bent knees for better balance and agility during quick turns.

Soccer Drills for 13 Year Olds: Passing

1. Triangle Passing

Triangle passing drills are a great way to improve ball control and decision-making skills in young soccer players. Set up three cones in the shape of a triangle and have players pass the ball between each other, focusing on accuracy and technique. Encourage quick movement off the ball and communication among teammates for successful triangle passing.

Passing drills for under 13s

Triangle Passing Variations: To add complexity to the drill, introduce variations such as one-touch passes or timed challenges where players must complete a certain number of passes within a specified time limit. You can also incorporate dribbling into the drill by having players take turns running with the ball before making their pass. These variations will keep 13-year-olds engaged while honing their dynamic passing abilities on both feet.

2. Wall Passes

Wall Passes can be an effective way for 13 year olds to improve their passing and movement on the soccer field. This drill focuses on quick, one-touch passes between two players, using a nearby wall as a target. It helps players develop their communication skills and understanding of timing and positioning. Some key points to remember when teaching wall passes include:

  • Players should stand facing the wall, about 5-10 feet away.
  • The passer should use the inside of their foot to pass the ball against the wall.
  • The receiver should position themselves at an angle in order to receive the ball back with one touch.
  • Encourage players to communicate by calling for the pass or indicating which foot they want it played into.

By practicing this drill regularly, 13 year olds can enhance their passing accuracy and develop better awareness of playing quick combination passes during games.

3. Small-Sided Possession Games

1. Four Square: Set up four small squares within a larger square and have players pass the ball around while staying within their designated square. Encourage quick decision-making and movement off the ball to maintain possession.

2. Numbers Game: Divide players into two teams, each with a set number of players, and give them numbered bibs or jerseys. Players must pass the ball to teammates in numerical order, promoting communication and awareness on the field.

These small-sided possession games not only improve passing accuracy but also develop teamwork and decision-making skills in young soccer players aged 13 years old.

Soccer Drills for 13 Year Olds: Shooting

Shooting Accuracy Challenge: Set up a target at different distances from the goal and have players take shots to hit the target. Encourage proper technique, focusing on aiming for specific areas of the goal. Provide feedback and tips on foot placement, body position, and follow-through to improve accuracy.

Finishing Under Pressure: Create game-like scenarios where players need to shoot under pressure from defenders or time constraints. Use cones or markers as defenders and set up small-sided games with limited space to simulate game situations. Emphasize quick decision-making, shooting with power and precision, and staying composed under pressure.

Shooting drills for U13

Game-Like Shooting Scenarios: Incorporate shooting drills into gameplay exercises that mimic real match situations. For example, set up small-sided games where players must shoot after receiving a pass in tight spaces or perform one-touch finishes off crosses. This will help develop their ability to apply shooting techniques effectively in realistic game scenarios.

1. Shooting Accuracy Challenge

  • Set up a target in the goal and divide players into two teams.
  • Each player takes turns shooting from different distances, aiming to hit the target for points.
  • Encourage players to focus on technique and precision to improve their shooting accuracy.

2. Finishing Under Pressure

Finishing Under Pressure: 

1. Emphasize time constraints. Set up drills that require players to make quick decisions and execute shots under pressure.

2. Use defenders or obstacles to create game-like situations. Incorporate scenarios where players have to navigate around opponents or shoot through tight spaces.

  • Implement small-sided games with limited time for shooting.
  • Utilize cones or mannequins as defenders for players to manoeuvre past before taking a shot.
  • Introduce one-touch finishing exercises, forcing players to react quickly and shoot accurately.
  • Encourage communication between teammates during shooting drills, adding an additional layer of pressure.

These strategies will help 13-year-old soccer players develop their ability to finish effectively under challenging circumstances, preparing them for real-game situations.

3. Game-Like Shooting Scenarios

Game-Like Shooting Scenarios:

1. One-Touch Finish: Set up a small-sided game with two teams and a goalkeeper. Place cones or markers around the penalty area to create different shooting scenarios. Each team takes turns attacking, with the objective of scoring goals using only one touch. This drill encourages players to make quick decisions and improves their shooting accuracy under pressure.

Soccer drills for under 13 year olds

2. Defending & Finishing: Divide the players into two teams - attackers and defenders. The attackers start from the halfway line, while the defenders position themselves in front of goal as obstacles. The attackers must try to dribble past or navigate around the defenders before taking a shot on goal. This exercise helps players develop their shooting skills while facing defensive pressure, simulating real-game situations.

Note: Remember to provide constructive feedback throughout these drills, emphasizing technique and decision-making strategies that can be applied during actual matches.

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Are there any drills designed for 13 year olds to practice their ball control?

Yes, there are several drills that are specifically designed to help 13-year-olds improve their ball control skills. One effective drill is the Cone Dribbling Drill, where players set up a line of cones and dribble the ball in and out of the cones using different parts of their feet. This helps them develop their close control and ability to change direction quickly. Another drill is the Square Pass and Move, where players form a square and pass the ball to each other while constantly moving around the square. This drill helps improve passing accuracy and the ability to receive the ball under pressure. Additionally, the Wall Passing Drill is a great way to improve ball control as players pass the ball back and forth against a wall, focusing on controlling the ball with different surfaces of their feet. These drills will greatly enhance a 13-year-old's ball control skills and help them become more confident and comfortable with the ball.

Are there any drills that will help 13 year olds improve their speed and agility?

Yes, there are drills that can help 13-year-olds improve their speed and agility on the soccer field. One effective drill is the Ladder Agility Drill, where players set up a ladder on the ground and perform quick footwork exercises, such as running through the ladder using different patterns or performing lateral movements. This drill helps improve their coordination, speed, and agility. Another useful drill is the Cone Shuttle Run, where players sprint back and forth between two cones placed a specific distance apart. This drill helps improve their acceleration, change of direction, and overall speed. Additionally, the Hurdle Hops Drill can be beneficial, where players jump over small hurdles placed at various distances, focusing on their explosiveness and leg power. These drills will not only enhance a 13-year-old's speed and agility but also improve their overall performance on the soccer field.

What drills are best for reinforcing 13 year olds' knowledge of the rules of the game?

To reinforce 13-year-olds' knowledge of the rules of the game, there are several drills that can be beneficial. One effective drill is the Rules Quiz Drill, where coaches ask players questions about the rules of soccer during practice or before games. This helps ensure that players have a solid understanding of the rules and can apply them during gameplay. Another useful drill is the Game Situation Drill, where coaches create specific game scenarios and players must make decisions based on the rules of the game. This helps players understand how the rules apply in different situations and reinforces their knowledge. Additionally, the Referee Drill can be helpful, where coaches act as referees and players must follow and understand the decisions made. This drill not only reinforces the rules of the game but also helps players develop respect for referees and their decisions. These drills will greatly reinforce 13-year-olds' knowledge of the rules of the game and help them become more confident and knowledgeable players.

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