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Using Personality Profiling to Create a Happy Squad

How can understanding player’s personalities help get the best performances out of them

Blackburn Rovers manager, Tony Mowbray, recently revealed that he uses personality profiling to help him understand and mange his players. He feels that it helps him communicate with his players. He can begin to understand which players to put an arm around and which to push harder. 

Personality Profiling

Like all businesses, the key to an effective team is one that is happy and communicates well. Therefore, many companies have been using personality profiling for many years.

These can vary in descriptions and the details they provide, from insights into how the individual communicates to an understanding of what motivates certain individuals. But most divide employees into four main categories: An open and sceptical individual, an open but warm person, a reserved and sceptical character or a reserved but warm individual. 

These traits can be used by employers and managers to not only ensure diversity of characters within a team but look to ways of creating harmony between these people. If a player is more introverted, then they may need more support and encouragement to share their ideas. Whilst a sceptic will need greater explanation of why certain methods are being used.

Profiling in Soccer

This can easily be recreated in any environment and particularly in soccer. 

In soccer success is often dependent on the unity of the team and the relationship between coaches and players. If a player does not understand and embrace the instructions, then the coach has not been particularly effective. 

Looking towards different personality traits can help coaches identify how they should give instructions and whether this should vary per person. 

It is also useful when identifying who natural leaders are. These players can therefore be relied upon in matches to help lift the team when spirits are down. Or it may highlight to a manager which traits they are lacking within their squad, whether that be leadership, creativity, or a more reserved defensive player. 

Tony Mowbray has highlighted a key aspect of soccer that can often be ignored. That understanding how players communicate and work is a great first step in getting them to work effectively together in a happy and harmonious way. Players regularly highlight good relationships with one another as a reason for their success. The achievements of Messi, Suarez and Neymar would be hard to replicate had they not got along so well.

At Blackburn Rovers, this profiling is used throughout the club. From players to staff, all share their personality traits so that colleagues can approach one another in the best ways possible, creating an enjoyable working environment for all.

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Innovative Approaches

By looking at innovative ways of coaching, ideas such as personality profiling can change the fortunes of a club. These innovations do not need to be expensive but can create a great playing environment. From encouraging kids to play together as a team to managing an efficient senior squad, methods such as these are incredibly useful. 

A happy squad will normally lead to a successful one!

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